Grypshon Industries


Grypshon Industries invented the Grypmat.  The Grymat allows mechanics of all kinds the ability to work while giving them a safe place to set their tools.  The best part of the mat is that it adheres to different types of surfaces as well as an airplane!  Believe it or not the Grypmat can be placed on an airplane surface that is curved and stays in place! This mat is to help mechanics be able to keep working without worrying about their tools getting stuck in their engines!

The Grypmat consists of a 2’x1’ rubberized, flexible, non-marring, non-slip, anti-static material. Grypmat is designed to give mechanics a safe and secure surface to store tools without worrying about damaging the equipment they are working on.  Grypmat works where other tool trays won’t, such as the curved surfaces found on aircraft wings and bodies.  The Grypmat is a great way to stay organized and accountable to avoid lost tools or hardware.”

The Grypmat was funded in under 10 hours on kickstarter!  The original goal was $10,000 to help Tom and his team get started.  In the end, their kickstarter received well over $113,000 with 1,339 backers! 

Tom is looking to start shipping out the first batch of the Grypmat in May of 2017!  Congrats Tom!

Grypshon Industries

Interactive Aerial Designs


Interactive Aerial designs and manufactures Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for internal applications, focusing on inspections for multiple indoor uses. Currently, we are focused on providing application specific hardware for the oil & gas, chemical, and energy industries. Our vehicle, the Legacy One, has been designed by our engineers to tackle a number of issues associated with flying drones inside. We’re targeting dark, GPS-denied environments. Our vehicle has a custom gimbal with a high resolution camera, a 100w LED for light, and custom flight software that offers laser-based collision avoidance. This happening all the while its navigation is independent of GPS & necessary compass readings for your typical off the shelf drone. Our customers are UAV service providers that would like to get into confined spaces for drone inspections – mainly chemical & oil fluid storage tanks, boiler tanks, and hulls of cargo ships. Our vehicle has done a great job with these inspections so far, and we look forward to many new challenging environments!


We’ve been working with a few launch customers behind the scenes to test our technology and prove its value. Soon we will be launching a marketing campaign across the country to see what we can do! The first few months of 2017 have resulted in flights in Texas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, and Michigan. We’re looking forward to our first global sale in Norway around the April time frame.

Interactive Aerial

ICARUS Devices


The ICARUS Device was created by Nick Sinopoli to help flight students to train in unpredictable weather conditions.  The Device is a pair of glasses that can become opaque or clear based off of someone flipping a switch on and off. These are the first pair of glasses that allow for the element of surprise in opacity change.

ICARUS Devices glasses

The device is currently in Beta testing.  Students at Purdue and Ohio State will be the very first students to learn while using the eye glasses. These glasses will help teach the students to fly in unexpected weather conditions.

Owner Nick

Enduralock prides itself as the premier leader of vibration resistant technology in the aerospace industry. Headquartered in Overland Park, KS, Enduralock ensures commitment to innovation and high quality products.


We are currently finalizing the testing and development of the Radial Lock Fastener and Radial Lock Bolt. Additionally, we are developing and designing custom fastening solutions for specific companies both in the aerospace and oil & gas industries. We are aiming to secure our first customer in 2017.