About AeroInnovate’s Virtual Accelerator Program

About AeroInnovate’s Virtual Accelerator Program

 About AeroInnovate’s Virtual Accelerator Program

AeroInnovate’s Virtual Accelerator Program is a business accelerator for start-up companies in the aviation industry. We are always looking for Entreprenaurs who would like help with their business models. For eight weeks, five companies virtually meet with Director Steve Slocum to go over their business model. Each company will have a set of mentors to help further their business model and prepare their pitch.

After seven weeks, companies are invited to come to Oshkosh to meet with the AeroInnovate team.  Companies will finalize their pitch and work on their presentation at Pitch Camp. Pitch Camp is a two day event to help finalize the companies pitches and help prepare them for questions for after their pitch.

Companies will then take their service or product to EAA AirVenture. Booth space is provided by AeroInnovate.  The five companies will be there all week networking and introducing their product or service.

Pitch & Mingle will take place on a night of EAA AirVenture. Companies are encouraged to invite their team possible people of interest to the event.  Pitch & Mingle is a one night event to showcase the five companies, sponsors, and mentors.

The program goal is to facilitate the alignment of passionate, successful investors and industry leaders with the best aviation-related opportunities in the world.

AeroInnovate has created a network of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders designed to help aviation related start-ups commercialize their ideas since 2008.

Our Unique Program Offers You:

  • Opportunities to pitch at the 10th annual Pitch & Mingle event, the largest gathering of aerospace investors
  • Free exhibit space in the Innovations Center at EAA’s AirVenture
  • Ability to connect you with leading firms in the aerospace industry
  • Highly-customized support to help you successfully build a go-to market strategy & test it
  • Two day Pitch Camp focusing on refining your message and delivery
  • Mentorship from marketing, IT, legal, and accounting professionals
  • Development of a marketing strategy, materials and market research through our in-house research center
  • Low cost housing available during EAA’s AirVenture

AeroInnovate’s Four Pillars

Educate: To build a pipeline of up-and-coming aeroinnovators

Align: Investors and aero-related industry leaders with quality opportunites

Expose: New aero-related technologies to the world

Connect: Innovators with people and resources